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Our qualified and certified guides will accompany you from Monday to Saturday on scenic tours on Lake Garda and its surroundings. Easy or difficult, short or long, country roads, single trail, cross country, all mountain: everything is possible with the wide choice of bicycles at your disposal.

Your safety, our expertise and the joy of cycling through a beautiful territory: all this is Bike Land.

We are waiting for you and we will be happy to welcome you!



The way to even heaven

Demanding hike suitable for expert bikers.

Great satisfaction at the end of the day for this all mountain path. Departure from Castion, we warm the legs up until Caprino. The way to heaven awaits, fatigue as well! A mixture of dirt and asphalt road leaves no doubt of the climb that awaits us as we aim north towards Braga and Malga Ime (Spiazzi). It's the first of a much needed stop; we catch our breath: purgatory is reached. It's not over: we start uphill to Malga Topei svalichiamo and we begin to glimpse, down below, the lake. When we reach the resort Two puddles, we continue climbing on a military path to the refuge Flowers of Baldo: we are in heaven we can see it with our eyes. A good local dish will give us the energy to propel down, down, down to the parking lot. It will be a busy day, the tour is only recommended to lovers of pure fatigue.

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Red Carpet

Excursion suitable for bikers.

With this excursion,pretty tiring, we get closer to the slopes of Monte Baldo. Departure is from the Affi bike grid that we reach by car in about 15 minutes from Peschiera. We start on an easy path,in direction of the Rivoli wind farm. From here the approach is more sporty because we go up from the countryside. The altitude and single track is tortuous and challenging. Then through the "forest of the elves" on a flat path we can take our breath. At Costermano we go back into the woods which lead to Spighetta,. We then have a break on the balcony of Albisano. Here the view of the lake makes up for all the hard work, but its not finished yet. The return still requires effort. Downhill and dirt tracks back to the grid for a cool Weizen beer.

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Small Maremma

Excursion medium-easy for everyone.

The best time for this excursion is from March to October. The starting point is the port of Peschiera. After a coffee we take the Mincio cycle path. Leaving the road we find the green morainic hills waiting for us. They have been defined as "The small Maremma". The ride is pleasant: white roads wind through the vineyards, a few short climbs, never too challenging even in the summer when it's hot. We touch on bridges Mincio, Monzambano, Castellaro Lagusello and Borghetto. The return is easy: walking along the banks of the river Mincio to the point of departure.

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The yellow road

Escursione facile e adatta a tutti con visita alle cantine vinicole.

L’escursione si snoda tra i sentieri dell’entroterra gardesano, sulle colline moreniche di Peschiera, Colà, Sandrà, Lazise e Calmasino. Appena fuori dai centri abitati, ulivi e vigneti ci fanno da contorno in un continuo saliscendi su strade di campagna. Arrivati a Calmasino, il nostro sguardo potrà farci apprezzare appieno la bellezza del Lago di Garda e, poco dopo, presso una tipica cantina locale, sosta per una degustazione di vini.

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Ancient Italy

Easy hike and suitable for everyone with wine tasting at vineyards.

A relaxing and scenic route through places unchanged by time. Starting from Peschiera to the Shrine of Ash, we move quickly into the green and fragrant countryside. Through dirt roads and trails you get to Castellaro Lagusello, a picturesque small medieval village: a brief stop for a good italian coffee.
A few more kilometers and at Monzambano we can taste the excellent local wines. Finally, the Mincio River and its banks will bring us back to Peschiera.

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