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The bicycle as freedom, as fun as the sun and wind in your face, as aggregation and as creativity. Overflowing with energy and sympathy Bike Land helps you to discover a territory exceptional riding a bicycle, having fun in safety. Cycling is our means, the goal is to feel free and the desire to get well is feeling the pressure that helps us in the climbs!
We propose tracks for all tastes!
For those who have never cycled or does not know if they will still be able

For those who like to earn the win, push your limits, test lungs and will;
For those who curse made him do ...;

For those who like to enjoy the wind in your hair and ride on top and if they could even without hands, and do not worry if the wheel will encounter rocks or holes;

For who eats red bull and adrenaline and does not like very slow ...;

For all those who want to discover a wonderland slowly pedaling slowly, soft and relaxed between fields, hills and diners savoring the flavors and aromas of the territory;

For families with children, for lovers of local folklore and the heritage and history of our lands.
Bike Land organizes everything from internal transfers, rental bikes and accessories, meals or overnight stays in the multi-day tours. And during the tour guides Bike Land assist you if punctured or if you were to damage the bicycle and for any need to do so that you can ride calmly, without worry about anything .... gravity apart ...

The group Bike Land consists only of MTB escorts who have obtained a license from the best training centers. We are all very close and we share the inexhaustible desire to ride, the unbridled passion for nature and the outdoors and a deep experience on two wheels. After thousands of miles riding the bike and our wonderful tour around the world have called everyone together to create a group of companions of MTB specialized, highly trained and friendly! We are at your disposal to have fun and entertain accompanying you with energy, to discover the wonderful trails that we have prepared. Come check us out!

A tireless traveler and great expert of the territory, he is a guarantee of professionalism and optimism. Maestro MTB Italian Cycling Federation.
Her kindness, availability and warm welcome makes you feel right at home.